Adam Boyce

Adam Boyce has been involved in Muay Thai for nearly 20 years, starting as an entertaining young prospect as a fighter and developing into a top level coach who has trained fighters from domestic to world level.

In 1998, Adam began training Muay Thai at the age of 17. The sport was a positive pursuit that gave him a new skill, general fitness and confidence.

It wasn’t long before Adam started competing, going 6-0 as a professional and gaining some exposure on national TV, namely channel 5’s “Night of Champions”.

Adam enjoyed fighting but he found a much deeper love for coaching and began teaching Muay Thai/Kickboxing at the age of 19. Although some fighters find it difficult to stop competing, Adam found the switch from one side of the pads to the other an easy transition to make.

Better suited to his role as a coach, Adam continued to put the same energy once reserved for himself into his own stable of fighters and persisted to develop his own skillset along the way with trips to Thailand and around Europe to evolve with the sport. Adam has trained at Lana Camp, Rom Pho and Sitmonchai in Thailand, as well as various other Muay Thai and Boxing gyms in Europe.

As a coach, Adam has an unrivaled passion for people, whether it’s the humble beginner or world champion, Adam loves to get the best out of people both physically and mentally. His deep understanding of striking coupled with his friendly and supportive approach allows his students to always feel at home in the gym environment.

Adam continues to evolve as a coach, constantly adding new tools to his already vast arsenal of techniques and teaching methods. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Adam continues to forge a new era of champions from domestic to world level under the Ronin UK fight team banner


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